Main Line Softball Assn. League Rules

Updated Thursday April 26, 2018 by League Commissioner.


1) Bases are to be spaced 65 feet apart.

2) A foul ball with two strikes is an out.

3) This is a 6 to 12 foot arc league.

4) Steel or metal spikes are not permitted.

 ***** If a player is caught wearing metal spikes the player AND the manager will be ejected***

5) Sliding bases.

6) Only bats with an ASA and MLSA approval stamp may be used.

7) The use of bat weights is prohibited.

8) The distance between home plate and the pitchers mound will be 50 feet. The pitcher’s box is now defined as a 2’ x 6’ area behind the rubber and a pitcher may release the ball from anywhere within that defined box.

9) There will be no limit on the number of “over the fence” home runs that are hit during the course of a game. (exceptions - see rule 12 & 13)

10) The home team is responsible for supplying two game balls. (One new and one in very good condition).

11) There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages on the field or on the sidelines.

12) When playing on Radnor High School Loop B field, the ground rule regarding the right center field brush/tree area will be the same for all teams - if the ball enters the brush area on the ground, it will be ruled a "ground rule double". If the ball enters the brush area on the fly, it will be ruled a home run. A limit of 3 home runs will be allowed per team - any subsequent balls that enter the brush/tree area on the fly will be ruled a ground rule double.

13) When playing on Loop A field and the temporary fence is installed, there will be a limit of three (3) ground rule doubles for balls hit over the temporary fence (but in front of the permanent retaining wall). After the three ground rule doubles, anything hit over the temporary fence will be an out. Again, this does not pertain to any ball hit over the retaining wall - they will always be ruled a home run.


1) Games will be 7 innings long. Five completed innings constitute an official game. (Four and one-half if the home team is ahead)

2) Ten men constitute a team. At least 9 players must be present to start a game or the team forfeits. A team may go from 10 to 9 during the course of the game as a result of injury or player ejection. A team must use a catcher.

3) Up to two EP’s (extra players) may be in the batting lineup (12 total batters) and a DH will be allowed (follow the same rules as MLB) - the DH can hit for a specific player in the field.

4) Double re-entry rule – a substitute may re-enter ONCE in the same batting line-up position.

5) Any base runner leaving a base before the ball crosses the plate is automatically out - providing the umpire observes the infraction. (NO STEALING)

6) Courtesy Runners – we will follow the ASA rule - Each team will be allowed ONE (1) courtesy runner per inning, with the exception of injury (see rule #7). The courtesy runner can be any eligible player on the official lineup including available substitutes.

7) If a player is injured while running the bases, and he is safely on base but is unable to continue, he may be replaced by the player who made the previous out. This rule can only be used if the team has no eligible replacements and has already used their one courtesy runner that inning.

 8) The 10 run rule: If a team is ahead by 10 runs after 5 completed innings (or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead) the game is over - this rule applies to all regular season and playoff games and on all fields.

 9) Any cancellations, other than rain, must be called into the league at least 24 hours before the scheduled start.

10) A forfeit is official if a team does not have the required nine men at the field 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the game.

11) If a regular season game ends in a tie the first time two teams meet, they will continue the game the second time they meet. If the teams are not scheduled to play another game, they must reschedule, and play the game over from the start.

12) The umpire is in complete control of the game once it starts. Only one representative per team may discuss calls, rulings etc. with the umpire. If weather or field conditions are uncertain, two-thirds agreement is needed among the umpire and two team managers.

13) All batters will begin with a 1 strike, 1 ball count. This pertains to all games.


1) Rosters are limited to 25 players.

2) Playoff Eligibility: A player must play in one half of the scheduled regular season games to be eligible for the playoff roster. Exceptions can be made due to injury but you must notify the league president at the time of the injury.

3) Any fights that occur during a game will be dealt with on an individual basis by a league committee, consisting of the mangers of each team involved, two managers from teams not involved, the umpire and the league president. The minimum penalty for participating in a fight will be a 10 game suspension and a $200 fine. This fine is to be paid within 7 - 10 days. If it is not received in the allotted time, that players team will forfeit it’s games until the money is paid. If a player is fined and decides to quit the team, the team is still responsible to pay half of the fine.

4) Each team will be responsible for keeping accurate scoring records. You must enter each players last name and first initial. (no nicknames)

5) The HOME team will occupy the benches and stands on the THIRD base side of the field.

6) Final scores should be called in, text or e-mailed to Craig Smith, by the winning team before 11:00 A.M. the morning after the game. The league will keep the official league standings which can be viewed on the league’s web site.

7) Isolated rainout games have to be agreed upon by both managers and should be rescheduled by the two teams involved. The home team manager is responsible for canceling the umpires at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours before game time.

If all league games have been rained out on the same night, the league president will handle the make-up schedule and umpires.

8) If a team forfeits three games in the current season, they will not be invited back next season.

9) All players are required to wear matching shirts with logo’s and numbers.

10) If a player uses the "F bomb", "N word" or any offensive racial or ethnic slur during the course of a game and the umpire hears it, that player will be ejected from the game.

11) Prior to the first game of the night on the Loop fields, each manger is responsible for pulling the Radnor HS girls softball bases and replacing them with plugs (provided by the league). Once the game is over (and you are the last scheduled game for the evening) the home team manager is responsible for pulling the plugs and replacing the bases. This only occurs from the first game of the seson until school is out for the summer.

12) The Main Line Softball Assn. will abide by the District 6 A.S.A. “Player Ejection Policy”.


The following policy was instituted by the District 6 Umpire in Chief and the Umpire Assn.

This policy pertains to any player, manager or coach that participates in an Amateur Softball Association sanctioned league, tournament or playoff game that is governed by the following Amateur Softball Association of Pennsylvania District 6 Ejection Policy.

If any Player, Manager or Coach is ejected from a game, he is not permitted to participate in any league games umpired by any District 6 umpires for one game after the infraction. The second infraction results in a suspension of two games. The two game suspension takes place in the league of the second ejection. The third ejection results in a suspension from all Amateur Softball Association sanctioned league activities for one year from the date of the third infraction. The ejection policy is cumulative no matter how many leagues an individual may play. This policy is for all District 6 Umpire Associations.

In Summary:  

1. Three total ejections for the year.

2. First ejection, the individual will sit out the next game in that league.

3. Second ejection, the individual will sit out the next two games in the league of the second ejection.

4. Third ejection, the player will sit out all A.S.A. play for one year from the date of third ejection.


1) The top FIFTEEN teams will be eligible for the playoffs. The teams will be seeded according to their records, with highest vs. lowest ranked teams playing each other throughout the playoffs.

2) In the event two or more teams are tied for any playoff position, a tie breaker formula will go into effect as follows:

            1) Season records vs. each other.

            2) Total runs scored against each other.

            3) Total net runs “for vs. against” for the entire season.

3) Quarterfinal and Semifinal games will be best of three games. The Championship series will be best of five games. The team with the best record will be the home team in the first, third and fifth games.

4) Playoff games will follow the 10 run rule.

a) If a playoff game is stopped before it is official, (5 innings or 4 1/2 if home team is ahead) it must be played over from the start.

            b) If a playoff game is official and ends in a tie due to darkness or weather, it must be               continued from the point the game was stopped the next time the two teams meet.

c) If playoff game is official and is called while one team is ahead, it must be continued for at least 6 1/2 or 7 innings the next time the two teams meet.

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